Pile Them On!

Kittle Pile © 2013 Jason Houge All Rights Reserved
Kitty Pile © 2013 Jason Houge All Rights Reserved

Lately, it seems as thought is has been raining for an entire week. Tonight was different, it was warm and dry and with about an hour of daylight left I decided to sit outside and page through a book I’ve been meaning to look at. Within moments I was covered in feral kittens. I put my book down and went back inside the house to get my camera. I set it up on a tripod and set the interval timer to see if it would happen again, but by this time, everyone had run off. Within 15 minutes they were back – climbing up my legs and arms, chewing on the corners of my book, and falling on top of each other in the chair beside me.

When Kayla and I moved here about three years ago, a lone black cat climbed up the stairs to our porch to investigate the new people. At the time, we had two male cats, Ansel and Tiger.
Disclaimer: Both are neutered.
We put a little food out for her and named her Blackie. Over the course of a few months, she would return to eat and eventually brought with her three kittens. The kittens stayed through the winter and I built a small insulated shelter for them. By spring, the kittens had all left and so did Blackie. Or so we thought. About two weeks after the last kitten had left, the one Kayla had named Little Buddy returned with a wounded paw. We took him to the vet, who prescribed some medicine and said to keep him inside for a while. After a couple of weeks, we decided he made a good addition to our family and after another brief visit with the vet, we set him free to join the boys for good.

Over the course of time, our porch and the little shelter has been home to several cat families, and with the exception of Little buddy, all leave never to come back. That is until we met Ernie. Last winter, a kitten we named Ernie lived in the shelter with her brother Agnes. No, We weren’t sure of their genders before naming them. Agnes left in spring, however Ernie did not. When she was a few months old, she had suffered an eye injury and instead of running away like everyone before her, she instead decided to settle down and start a family right there on our porch. One afternoon gave birth to five healthy kittens: Shelly, Martin, Benedict, Diane and Margaret. Today they are about two months old, and apparently enjoy climbing all over me.