Self Portrait holding Lumpy, 2020
Self Portrait holding Lumpy, 2020

Jason Houge – Photographer, Author, Educator and Mentor.

Known for his photo documentary and environmental portraiture, Jason Houge draws on personal interests and turbulent past experiences to create compelling and haunting photography on a broad range of topics including human rights, civil unrest, health care, hunger, music and the arts, scientific discovery and the environment. To gain valuable perspectives and develop a deeper understanding for the topics and subjects he photographs, Houge often collaborates with organizations and individuals that are involved in the communities and stories he works on.

Houge tends to work light and favors black and white film in situations of immediate importance while reserving digital for work where color accuracy is vital. Houge enjoys sharing the passion he has for his craft and from 2014-19 taught photography at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. He left teaching in 2019 to support his partner, Kayla Bauer, in her pursuit of an MFA in Photography at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Houge currently lives in Madison, WI and is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers, the Curious Society and Nikon Professional Services. His most re-published work is his story about a family of feral cats that once lived in his backyard.

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