Color Reversal Sheet Film Developing

$7.00 per sheet

4×5 Color Reversal Transparency Sheet Film Processing

Jason Houge Studios, LLC Madison, Wisconsin

Minimum quantity required: 6

Film Size * 

Push or Pull Processing?

Attention: Push/Pull processing of color films may cause undesirable or unexpected shifts in the color.

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How would you like us to return your newly born negatives?

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Turn-around time is based on workload.
Optional expedited service is available upon request.



Color Reversal Sheet Film Processing

Pricing per sheet

Available for the following sheet film sizes:
4×5 in
9×12 cm

    Available options include
    Push or Pull Processing
    Sleeved in Glassine
    Sleeved in Glassine and returned with customer supplied box

Shipping Info

Shipping charged covers the return of your negatives. The rates are as follows:

Continental U.S. Residents
    USPS – Priority $8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll
    FedEx – 2Day $25.00 + 50¢ per additional roll
    UPS – 2nd Day Air $20.00 + 50¢ per additional roll
    USPS – Priority $8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll
    FedEx – 2Day $75.00 + 50¢ per additional roll
    UPS – 2nd Day Air 61.00 + 50¢ per additional roll
    USPS – Priority $8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll
    FedEx – 2Day $61.00 + 50¢ per additional roll
    UPS – 2nd Day Air $35.00 + 50¢ per additional roll
Puerto Rico
    USPS – Priority $8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll
    UPS – 2nd Day Air $35.00 + 50¢ per additional roll
    USPS – Priority $8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll
    FedEx – International $115.00 + $3.00 per additional roll
    USPS – Priority / International $28.00 + $2.00 per additional roll
    FedEx $50.00 + $2.00 per additional roll
    UPS $30.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

Sending Film to Us

KODAK Professional Do Not X-Ray Label

Postal Service
Jason Houge Studios
PO BOX 8563
Madison, WI 53708

FedEX or UPS
Jason Houge Studios
2231 East Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53704


We recommend you package your film in either a padded envelope or, more preferably, a well packaged and padded box. Envelopes intended for documents are discouraged as they offer no protection and can tear open resulting in damaged film.


We recommend using USPS Priority (flat rate boxes), UPS or FedEx. If shipping to us means your film will be loaded on an aircraft, be sure the carrier or their affiliate does not use X-Rays. Damage caused by X-Rays to undeveloped film is cumulative, meaning damage by X-Rays can occur after multiple passes or via a single large dose. For more information about shipping and transporting film on aircraft or to download and print off Do Not X-Ray Labels visit KODAK.



x-ray damage on Ilford HP5 sheet film
x-ray damage on Ilford HP5 sheet film
Traveling With and Shipping Film

When traveling with film NEVER check unprocessed film in with your luggage. ALWAYS keep it in a clear plastic bag with your carry-on baggage and ask for it to be “hand-checked” during the security screening process. TSA and signage may suggest film is safe to be scanned when under a certain ISO, this is untrue. Scanning equipment at airports varies and damage to film is cumulative, meaning every pass increases the damage. X-ray damage (fog) is permanent and cannot be corrected by any lab. Additionally, many airports are now using CT Scanning Technology which will immediately fog any film on the first scanning pass, regardless of the ISO. ALWAYS ask to have unprocessed film hand-checked. Processed (developed) film is no longer light-sensitive and is safe to be scanned.

Read Kodak’s Bulletin to learn more.

Please view our agreement regarding the shipping, handling, processing and possession of your Media. Additionally our Terms and Conditions may be found here. Terms and Conditions and Handling of Media Agreement is subject to change without notice.

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