2020 has been a hell of a year with the COVID19 pandemic compounded with political upheavals, social injustices, uprisings, wildfires and the makings for a global economic downturn. This short edit of a much longer view aims to communicate that initial fear of the unknown we all felt, the isolation and remind us of the powers within unity and division.

This project has been on-going since January 2020, when news from China broke about the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly and causing SARS-like symptoms. My focus throughout the year has been on the pandemic but to also be open to and explore the political, social and environmental impacts as well. As 2021 progresses I am keeping an eye on these challenges as they continue to develop and affect communities across the U.S. in the wake of the pandemic.

The current body of work in its entirety (86 images plus a rapidly growing body of work documenting masks and medical waste in the environment) has been chosen to be on display as a solo show at the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay, WI in the summer of 2022.