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This morning on the NYTimes LENS Blog

This morning on the NYTimes LENS Blog:
Thank you to everyone who has been following this project. Extra thanks to @traceytomtene @billhess @patricialaydorsey @dominikdunsch and @evambk for the support! Big Hugs
Ps: if you’ve been tagged in this image, thank you for all of the support and advice you’ve given me. If I’ve forgotten to mention you, well dammit, I am Sorry

Everyone was King Fu Fighting…

Field Play

Mumma gets some visitors

Shelly and the traps

Cat Colony: Mumma’s new space. As my followers know, I have been photographing a family of cats that live on my porch. In January, just before the Arctic Vortex decided to go on several holidays in the U.S., one of these cats came down with a bad upper respiratory infection. As he recovered, I began a daily routine of photographing him and his family outdoors. By February, the males began to show strong interest in the females and it quickly became apparent that something had to be done to control the population growth of this colony. I caught all but one of the females and brought them indoors to prevent any pregnancies until I found a way to have the females spayed. Although I was successful at preventing pregnancies among the younger ladies, three were less fortunate. Today, that same upper respiratory infection is still making its way through the colony and has found its way to all of the females indoors. Late last week, while very sick and congested, Ernie gave birth to four kittens. Due to her weakened condition, I had to assist in every stage of the births and care for the newborns for their first two days of life. I am happy to report, she has nearly fully recovered and is caring for her young without any assistance from me. This brings me to Mumma. Mumma is Ernie’s Mum and like Ernie was last week, she is very congested and lethargic and about to give birth. Earlier today I rearranged our bathroom “birthing suite” to make accommodations for both Ernie and Mumma to be safe with their litters. Ernie was moved from “Annie’s Box” to my print washer, and Mumma has now moved into “Annie’s Box.” If you are just discovering this work for the first time, please take some time to look at my work to meet the colony. No further lengthy explanations will be made from this point forward, so thank you for the opportunity to share this with you and thank you for following!

Ernie and Baby CAT COLONY Want to purchase a print? Visit: http://jasonhouge.com #cat #catcolony #kitty #catsanonymous #catsofinstagram #purinacatchow #spay #neuter #feral #feralcat #blackandwhite #kitten