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Full range illustration of the visual effects created by shutter and aperture adjustments.

Photographer and Filmmaker Exposure Chart

This chart makes learning technical camera basics easy!

A visual aid for teaching photography and filmmaking

Whether you are teaching or learning photography or filmmaking at a high school, a university or at workshops, this tool uses easy to understand visuals to make learning these dynamic concepts easier.

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Photographic Exposure Chart V3.0b

This chart is an excellent reference tool for teaching and understanding photography basics and how a camera works. A perfect addition to the classroom to accurately and easily display all changes that occur within an image while making changes to the aperture and shutter speed.

A comprehensive visual aid for illustrating the full range of visual effects of depth of field, movement, sharpness, vignette and exposure.

By depicting the full range of shutter speeds and apertures for a single prime lens and camera body, with just a glance, one can easily see how changes to the shutter speed and aperture affect the focus, depth of field, exposure, motion capture and more.

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Large (44 x 95 inches), Small (24 x 52 inches)

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