Self Portrait - 2018
Self Portrait – 2018

Jason Houge is an artist, photographer, educator and mentor. His subjects cover a broad range of social issues including human rights, health care, poverty and homelessness, animal rights, religion, and the environment.

Houge was a recipient of the Yunghi Grant in 2015 and had an honorable mention during the 2016 LUCIE International Photography Awards and a shortlist entry for Burn Magazine’s 2014 Emerging Photographer Fund. His work has been published worldwide by NPR, the New York Times LENS Blog, FeatureShoot, OAI13, Burn Magazine, Yoffy Publishing, Schilt Publishing and Popular Photography China. Houge is currently an official mentor and Senior Associate Lecturer of photography at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. He is also a youth mentor and Creative Youth Development Specialist at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay.