High Resolution Film Scanning Services

$2.50$110.00 per frame (see below)

Professional Film Scanning Services | Madison, Wisconsin | JasonHouge.com

Ultra High Definition Scans of Transparency and Negatives on Film and Glass Plates.

Professional Film Scanning Services

High Resolution Scans of Transparency and Negatives on Film and Glass Plates

We provide high fidelity scans with remarkable clarity and resolution from negatives, slides and transparencies made on film and glass.

File Types: TIFF or DNG
Color Profiles: ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB or Gamma 2.2
Color Bit Depth: 16 bit
Resolution: Up to 6400 dpi

See tabs below for more details.

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Professionally Scanned Film and Glass Plates

Whether you’re an artist who works with analog photography, a collector of old film and glass plate negatives or a museum with collection of Magic Lantern slides, you have probably wondered how are you going to digitize these images to print or archive them. We painstakingly scan negatives, slides and film transparencies, one frame at a time, to offer the highest resolution and finest detail.

Single Frame Scanning

With the rapid increase of photographers returning to film many are discovering a new challenge: Where and how do I print my pictures?
We aim to bridge the gap by offering ultra high quality film scans of the individual frames you need to print.

Fluid Mount or Standard Film Scanning – Which is the right choice?

That’s a big question and there are many reasons one might choose one process over the other. Use the form above to Contact Us and we’ll discuss these options with you to help you understand the processes and what benefits one may have over the other.

Standard Film Scanning

• Great for most films types
• Great for Polaroid and Instax prints and Glass Plate Negatives
• Non-Newtonian glass mounts eliminate circular aberrations [Newton rings]
• High Definition and High Resolution
• Least expensive option
• Not ideal for film with scratches and blemishes
• Not ideal for film with a great deal of curl

Fluid Mount Film Scanning

• Great for most films types
• Exceptional for sheet films
• Able to fully capture the entire border around the frame
• Cleaner scan as film must be cleaned thoroughly before and after scanning
• Reduces, and often eliminates, visible surface scratches and blemishes – suburb for older film
• Film lays flatter during the scan
• Zero chance for circular aberrations [Newton rings]
• High Definition and High Resolution
• Cannot be used with paper negatives, Instax or Polaroid images
• Cannot be used with mounted slides
• Cannot be used with Magic Lantern slides or similarly sandwiched glass slides
• Some risk involved especially with hand-produced film/negatives
• Greater cost

Standard Film Scan - Detail | Jason Houge Studios, LLC
Fluid Mount Scan - Detail | Jason Houge Studios, LLC
Standard Film Scan - Detail
Standard Film Scan - Detail | Jason Houge Studios, LLC
Fluid Mount Scan - Detail
Fluid Mount Scan - Detail | Jason Houge Studios, LLC
Standard Film Scan - Detail | Jason Houge Studios, LLC
Standard Film Scan - Detail
Fluid Mount Scan - Detail | Jason Houge Studios, LLC
Fluid Mount Scan - Detail
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David TuttleDavid Tuttle
15:21 21 Dec 23
Jason scanned a couple of older, larger format negatives and produced stunning digital images. A pleasure to work with and results that match! Highly recommended.
Christina SuttonChristina Sutton
18:40 25 Aug 23
Jason was such a pleasure to work with! He was patient, listening to our printing needs and very professional explaining things clearly. The artwork being printed was very special and he showed great care and attention to detail throughout every step of the printing process. His paper selection alone sets him apart from the competition, the quality is top notch. Our prints came out with breathtaking color, as close to a color match that I have ever witnessed as an artist. Me and my collaborator will certainly be using his printing service for all our future projects!
Matthew LeitnerMatthew Leitner
15:50 30 Sep 22
I can't recommend Jason (Houge Studios) highly enough. He exceeded my highest expectations. Friendly and timely correspondence, very professional work, reasonable rates and consistent accommodation of my requests throughout the process. Thank you very, very much.
Marc StatzMarc Statz
11:32 15 Apr 22
Jason is super personable and professional. Very knowledgeable in his craft. I would highly recommend him for your high end art printing needs and film developing.
Michael KartjeMichael Kartje
22:08 14 Apr 22
I had a wonderful experience printing with Jason. He provided thoughtful, expert guidance throughout the entire process and I'm thrilled with the end result. Looking forward to working together in the future!
Ann KNolAnn KNol
06:17 01 Apr 22
Jason is such a talented printer. I tried two other printers for a large panorama file and their results were so sad. Then Jason helped me set up the kind of file I needed and created such a beautiful richly detailed print. I took it straight in to be framed. I am thrilled!
Mary Ann LaPineMary Ann LaPine
00:21 15 Oct 21
Jason was professional and friendly. He did a wonderful job covering our wedding. He took pics from many angles and of all our wedding including our guests. We would highly recommend Jason for any of your photography needs.Steve & Mary Ann Schmidt

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 12.5 in
Film Size

110, 35mm, 35mm Mounted Slide, 120 (6×4.5), 120 (6×6), 120 (6×7), 120 (6×8), 120 (Pano), Sheet Film (4×5), Sheet Film (5×7), Sheet Film (8×10), Glass Plate (4×5), Glass Plate (5×7), Glass Plate (8×10), Magic Lantern Slide, Polaroid / Instax Print

Scan Type

Standard, Fluid Mount

Bulk Scanning

Single frame scanning not the right fit?
Use the form to tell us about your needs and we’ll be in touch to discuss your projects and the solutions we have to fit your budget
Estimates may take up to a day to process.


Do you color correct, white balance, dust correct scans?
As a rule, we take great care to make good judgements while performing adjustments during the scanning process to produce a scan that reflects the quality standards and high fidelity we promise. To ensure color correctness we utilize both color calibrated scanners and monitors. We also clean each film and plate with an appropriately safe cleaner before scanning to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, any dust, water streaks and fingerprints the film or glass plate may have on it.

Any further adjustments, fine detail modifications, color adjustments and spot correcting are your responsibility. However, if you need an editing service to help you prepare these scans for printing or publishing Contact Us to discuss your project! We have several solutions available for editing, printing, organizing, and consultation in regard to future projects. We’ll discuss the options we provide to find a solution that fits within your budget.

Can you print my scans?
We can! We offer Large Format Fine Art Printing and if you are just looking for proofs we have you covered there as well.

Do you offer scanning of photographic prints, tin-types, daguerreotypes, fine art litho, block, screen prints, etc?
Not everything can be scanned, however everything can be digitized. We do offer digitizing services for larger and complex art works.

What are all of the film sizes can you scan?
• 110 [16mm]
• 35mm
• 120
• 126
• 620
• 4×5
• 5×7
• 8×10
• just about any size between

What is your turnaround time?
Depends on the size of your order, current workload and availability of any supplies needed. In many cases we are able to have your scans ready within a few days to a week.

Can I have you scan all my film?
We do offer bulk scanning / digitizing services! Use the form above or Drop us an email and we’ll discuss your project and what solutions we can provide that fit within your budget.

Shipping Info

Shipping charged covers the return of your negatives. The rates are as follows:

Continental U.S. Residents
    • USPS – Priority

$8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • FedEx – 2Day

$25.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • UPS – 2nd Day Air

$20.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • USPS – Priority

$8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • FedEx – 2Day

$75.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • UPS – 2nd Day Air

61.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • USPS – Priority

$8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • FedEx – 2Day

$61.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • UPS – 2nd Day Air

$35.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

Puerto Rico
    • USPS – Priority

$8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • UPS – 2nd Day Air

$35.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • USPS – Priority

$8.50 + 50¢ per additional roll

    • FedEx – International

$115.00 + $3.00 per additional roll

    • USPS – Priority / International

$28.00 + $2.00 per additional roll

    • FedEx

$50.00 + $2.00 per additional roll

    • UPS

$30.00 + 50¢ per additional roll

Sending Film to Us

KODAK Professional Do Not X-Ray Label
KODAK Professional Do Not X-Ray Label

Postal Service
Jason Houge Studios
PO BOX 8563
Madison, WI 53708

FedEX or UPS
Jason Houge Studios
1309 E. Wilson St. #1
Madison, WI 53703


We recommend you package your film in either a padded envelope or, more preferably, a well packaged and padded box. Envelopes intended for documents are discouraged as they offer no protection and can tear open resulting in damaged film, negatives, transparencies or glass plates.

Carriers and X-Rays

We recommend using USPS Priority (flat rate boxes), UPS, FedEx or private courier.
If you are sending us undeveloped film and your film will be loaded on an aircraft, be sure the carrier or their affiliate does not use X-Ray or CT scanners. CT Scanners will destroy any undeveloped film on a single pass. Damage caused by X-Rays to undeveloped film is cumulative, meaning damage by X-Rays can occur after multiple passes or via a single large dose. For more information about shipping and transporting film on aircraft or to download and print off Do Not X-Ray Labels visit KODAK.


X-Ray damage on Ilford HP5 sheet film
X-Ray damage on Ilford HP5 sheet film
Traveling With and Shipping Film

When traveling with film: – NEVER check unprocessed film in with your luggage. – ALWAYS keep unprocessed film in a clear plastic bag with your carry-on baggage and ask for it to be “hand-checked” during the security screening process. TSA and signage may suggest film is safe to be scanned when under a certain ISO, this is untrue. Scanning equipment at airports varies and damage to film is cumulative, meaning every pass increases the damage. X-ray damage (fog) is permanent and cannot be corrected by any lab. Additionally, many airports are now using CT Scanning Technology which will immediately fog any film on the first scanning pass, regardless of the ISO.ALWAYS ask to have unprocessed film hand-checked. Processed (developed) film is no longer light-sensitive and is safe to be scanned. Read Kodak’s Bulletin to learn more.

Please view our agreement regarding the shipping, handling, processing and possession of your Media. Additionally our Terms and Conditions may be found here. Terms and Conditions and Handling of Media Agreement is subject to change without notice.

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