Art Documentation and Exhibition Photography

Professional Art Documentation and Exhibition Photography in Madison, WI

White Glove Service: Fine Art Documentation and Exhibition Photography by Jason Houge Studios, LLC

White Glove Art Documentation and Exhibition Photography Services

Professional Fine Art Documentation Services for Artists, Museums, Galleries and Collectors

Detail oriented, color accurate and personalized art and object photography services

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Professional Fine Art Documentation Services and Exhibition Photography

With over a decade of experience we are meticulous and professional. We specialize in photographing paintings, works on paper, framed works, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, 3D prints, installations, historical and archeological pieces, even small figurines and toys. No project is too big or too small, whether it’s an individual piece or an entire museum collection, we approach each project with painstaking care.

What You Can Expect

Friendly, courteous and professional service
Care when handling your materials and working within your space
Color corrected high resolution tiff files, generally scaled to 8×10 at 360dpi in AdobeRGB color space.
In-person file transfer for numerous, large files. Online file transfer available for a small fee.

Based in Madison, WI USA
World-wide travel available on a case-by-case basis

Proof of insurance available upon request.

David TuttleDavid Tuttle
15:21 21 Dec 23
Jason scanned a couple of older, larger format negatives and produced stunning digital images. A pleasure to work with and results that match! Highly recommended.
Christina SuttonChristina Sutton
18:40 25 Aug 23
Jason was such a pleasure to work with! He was patient, listening to our printing needs and very professional explaining things clearly. The artwork being printed was very special and he showed great care and attention to detail throughout every step of the printing process. His paper selection alone sets him apart from the competition, the quality is top notch. Our prints came out with breathtaking color, as close to a color match that I have ever witnessed as an artist. Me and my collaborator will certainly be using his printing service for all our future projects!
Matthew LeitnerMatthew Leitner
15:50 30 Sep 22
I can't recommend Jason (Houge Studios) highly enough. He exceeded my highest expectations. Friendly and timely correspondence, very professional work, reasonable rates and consistent accommodation of my requests throughout the process. Thank you very, very much.
Marc StatzMarc Statz
11:32 15 Apr 22
Jason is super personable and professional. Very knowledgeable in his craft. I would highly recommend him for your high end art printing needs and film developing.
Michael KartjeMichael Kartje
22:08 14 Apr 22
I had a wonderful experience printing with Jason. He provided thoughtful, expert guidance throughout the entire process and I'm thrilled with the end result. Looking forward to working together in the future!
Ann KNolAnn KNol
06:17 01 Apr 22
Jason is such a talented printer. I tried two other printers for a large panorama file and their results were so sad. Then Jason helped me set up the kind of file I needed and created such a beautiful richly detailed print. I took it straight in to be framed. I am thrilled!
Mary Ann LaPineMary Ann LaPine
00:21 15 Oct 21
Jason was professional and friendly. He did a wonderful job covering our wedding. He took pics from many angles and of all our wedding including our guests. We would highly recommend Jason for any of your photography needs.Steve & Mary Ann Schmidt

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2D, 3D, Exhibition, Performance, Other


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My work has reflective (glass, mirrors, metal, etc) surfaces. Is this a problem for you?
Generally not an issue! Photographing reflective and refractive material is a specialty for us. These materials do take additional considerations, often require specialized setups and demand more time both during the photography session and post process editing. Please be sure to specify these materials exist within the work when contacting us.

Do I have to bring my work to your studio?
No, in most cases I will come to you. It’s safer for the work and less stress for you.
The only real exception is: if you have less than 5, easily transported, flat works of art, it may be best to bring your work to us.

I want to digitize something other than art (i.e. historical documents, farm deeds, letters, old photographs, etc) is this something you can do?
Yes, we do provide this service! This is a case where it’s often best to bring such documents directly to us to work with, unless they are too precious to transport.

What is your turnaround time?
Depends on the complexity of project and current workload. In many cases we are able to have your images ready within a few days to a week.

Can you prioritize my order?
Yes. Priority orders are subject to a $100 fee.

Can I get a discount?
If you’re an artist or collector who frequently has new work they need documented we offer an annual retainer. Each month we’ll assess the work and apply a 10% discount. Use the form above or drop us an email and we’ll discuss this option in more detail.

Do you actually wear white gloves?
This depends on your wishes. We leave the argument to the experts as to whether bare hands or cotton gloves is the best practice for handling a work of art or historic relic. If it is your policy, we wear them. Otherwise, if we need to touch a work, we opt to be sensible, utilize good situational awareness and avoid touching delicate surfaces if at all possible. We also make sure to clean, dry and keep our hands free of creams and oils as this provides the best tactile interaction (grip) with most materials while simultaneously prevents cotton fibers from being left behind.

Please view our agreement regarding the shipping, handling, processing and possession of your Media. Additionally our Terms and Conditions may be found here. Terms and Conditions and Handling of Media Agreement is subject to change without notice.