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Producers of Fine Art Archival Pigment Photographs, Screen Print Film Positives and Artist Prints.

Archival Pigment Photographs, Film Positives and Artist Prints.

Professionally crafted large format digital prints for artists, photographers and screen printers. Proofing Sessions offered and recommended for first time clients and all new printing runs.

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Specialized Printing of Archival Pigment Photographs, Screen Print Film Positives and Artist Prints.

Whether you’re a photographer, a painter, a screen printer or even a set designer, as an artist today you need fine quality and craftsmanship to take your work to the next level. We specialize in collaborating with artists, like you, to produce collectable Museum Quality Fine Art Prints.

Proofing Session

Our proofing service is available to all of our clients and we strongly recommend our first time clients schedule a session when placing an order. We offer this service to ensure the quality and calibration of your prints matches or exceeds your expectations. During your proofing session we’ll work together to find the right combination of edit and settings to produce your work. If you’re a film photographer, these sessions act as an equivalent to the steps you’ve often made in the darkroom to find the right exposure and developer times. Once we’ve determined what your work needs we can run editions at any time and the quality will always be the same.
Proofing Session Rate: Please see the Prices Tab above.

Archival Pigment Printing Process

The process of producing an Archival Pigment Print is very similar to the Giclee Printing Process. Giclee, is just a fancy word often used in place of Ink Jet. Both processes are capable of producing fine detailed prints with an enormous range of color and vibrancy. But the key difference between them is in the ink. Archival Pigment, as the name suggests, is archival quality due to the use of pigment-based inks whereas Giclee often fades or changes over time due to the use of dye-based inks.


We use Epson Commercial Printers paired with UltraChrome HD pigment inks.

Papers and Print Media

We print on a variety of media and stock some in-house.
Currently stocked media includes:
Moab Juniper Baryta Rag
Epson Exhibition Fiber
Hahnemühle Photo Rag
Epson Cold Press Bright Fiber
Arista II Transparency Film
Gold-Up Transparency Film
For additional paper information: See the Paper Details Tab above. Click the pictures for a larger view.


For print and Proofing Session prices: Please see the Prices Tab above.

David TuttleDavid Tuttle
15:21 21 Dec 23
Jason scanned a couple of older, larger format negatives and produced stunning digital images. A pleasure to work with and results that match! Highly recommended.
Christina SuttonChristina Sutton
18:40 25 Aug 23
Jason was such a pleasure to work with! He was patient, listening to our printing needs and very professional explaining things clearly. The artwork being printed was very special and he showed great care and attention to detail throughout every step of the printing process. His paper selection alone sets him apart from the competition, the quality is top notch. Our prints came out with breathtaking color, as close to a color match that I have ever witnessed as an artist. Me and my collaborator will certainly be using his printing service for all our future projects!
Matthew LeitnerMatthew Leitner
15:50 30 Sep 22
I can't recommend Jason (Houge Studios) highly enough. He exceeded my highest expectations. Friendly and timely correspondence, very professional work, reasonable rates and consistent accommodation of my requests throughout the process. Thank you very, very much.
Marc StatzMarc Statz
11:32 15 Apr 22
Jason is super personable and professional. Very knowledgeable in his craft. I would highly recommend him for your high end art printing needs and film developing.
Michael KartjeMichael Kartje
22:08 14 Apr 22
I had a wonderful experience printing with Jason. He provided thoughtful, expert guidance throughout the entire process and I'm thrilled with the end result. Looking forward to working together in the future!
Ann KNolAnn KNol
06:17 01 Apr 22
Jason is such a talented printer. I tried two other printers for a large panorama file and their results were so sad. Then Jason helped me set up the kind of file I needed and created such a beautiful richly detailed print. I took it straight in to be framed. I am thrilled!
Mary Ann LaPineMary Ann LaPine
00:21 15 Oct 21
Jason was professional and friendly. He did a wonderful job covering our wedding. He took pics from many angles and of all our wedding including our guests. We would highly recommend Jason for any of your photography needs.Steve & Mary Ann Schmidt


Prices subject to change. For discount information, please see the FAQs tab.
Below you’ll find our price list for some of the most common print sizes. For items marked (S) or (L), this indicates an option for paper sizes the image will be printed on (Small or Large, respectively.)
For items marked X, this indicates prints at this scale are unavailable on the paper listed.

All sizes listed are in inches. If you prefer metric, we are happy to accommodate you!

Please note, we do not print borderless. For the purposes of window matting and retaining the full image when framed, all prints are produced with white borders. If you wish to have this border trimmed off, please indicate this when requesting a quote or placing your order. Thank you!

Proofing Session

For additional information, please see the FAQs tab above.

Print Pricing

RECTANGLELustre PaperMatte Paper
Print Size[Paper Size]Moab JuniperEpson Exibition FiberHahnemühle Photo RagEpson Cold Press Bright
8×10 (S)[8.5×11]$23.67$23.79$24.22$23.48
8×10 (L)[11×14]$26.29XXX
8×10 (L)[11×17]XX$26.42X


SQUARELustre PaperMatte Paper
Print Size[Paper Size]Moab JuniperEpson Exibition FiberHahnemühle Photo RagEpson Cold Press Bright
8×8 (S)[8.5×11]$21.57$21.70$22.12$21.38
8×8 (L)[11×14]$24.20XXX
8×8 (L)[11×17]XX$24.32X
10×10 (S)[11×14]$28.92XXX
10×10 (S)[11×17]XX$29.04X
10×10 (L)[13×19]$29.54$28.29$30.29$28.10

Paper Details

Paper Types: (L-R) Moab Juniper Baryta, Epson Exhibition Fiber, Hahnemühle Photo Rag, Epson Cold Press Bright
Paper Types: (L-R) Moab Juniper Baryta, Epson Exhibition Fiber, Hahnemühle Photo Rag, Epson Cold Press Bright
Detail: Moab Juniper Baryta (Luster / Soft Gloss)
Detail: Moab Juniper Baryta
Luster / Soft Gloss
Moab Juniper Baryta Rag sheet up to 22 inches wide

  • Heavyweight (16 mil, 305 gsm)
  • Premium Quality Paper
  • Single Side
  • Bright White
  • Soft Gloss / Lustre Finish
  • 100% Cotton fiber base
  • A true baryta coating without optical whiteners offering a density similar to darkroom fiber paper resulting in a detailed print from shadow to highlight
  • Excellent for photography

Detail: Epson Exhibition Fiber (Semi Gloss)
Detail: Epson Exhibition Fiber
Semi Gloss
Epson Exhibition Fiber up to 22 inches Wide

  • Heavyweight (13 mil, 325gsm)
  • High Quality Paper
  • Single Side
  • Bright White
  • Semi Gloss Finish
  • Wood fiber base
  • Uses optical whiteners to achieve a brightness of 111% and a whiteness of 147%
  • Excellent for photography

Detail: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (Smooth Matte)
Detail: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag
Smooth Matte
Hahnemühle Photo Rag up to 22 inches wide

  • Our Most Luxurious Option
  • Heavyweight (18.8 mil, 302 gsm)
  • Ultra Premium Quality Paper
  • Single Side
  • Bright White
  • Smooth Matte Finish
  • 100% Cotton fiber base
  • Excellent for digital art and photography

Detail: Epson Cold Press Bright (Textured Matte)
Detail: Epson Cold Press Bright
Textured Matte
Epson Cold Press Bright Fiber up to 16 x 20 inches max

  • Our Least Expensive Option
  • Heavyweight (21 mil, 340 gsm)
  • High Quality Paper
  • Single Side
  • Bright White
  • Textured Matte Finish (similar to watercolor paper)
  • 100% Cotton fiber base
  • Uses optical whiteners for deep blacks and bright whites
  • Excellent for digital art and photography

Arista II Transparency Film up to 22 inches wide

  • Light weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Single Side
  • Good Contrast and Density
  • Great Digital Negatives and Film Positives for:
    • Cyanotype Process
    • Platinum (Platinotype) Print Process
    • Virtually any Alternative Processes

Gold-Up Transparency Film up to 22 inches wide

  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Single Side
  • Deep Blacks
  • Excellent Contrast and Density
  • Great for Higher Contrast Digital Negatives
  • Superb Film Positives for:
    • Silk Screen (Serigraphy) Production
    • Large Color Transparencies


How much is a Proofing Session and what can I expect?
Proofing Session: $125.
A proofing session typically runs about 1 to 2 hours. We use this time to get to know your and your work. We’ll discuss the differences between papers and how that choice impacts the print. We’ll also discuss how lighting and framing choices impact the look of your prints and what considerations you need to take into account.

We’ll inspect the work on our monitors to determine if the image is properly calibrated for flawless printing and if needed, we’ll make minor adjustments to refine your vision.

During this session we’ll also narrow in on 2 paper choices to print proofs on.The resulting proofs will be printed at 6×9 on your paper choices. These will be yours to take with you and to inspect in the various settings they may be displayed in.

We will often schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss and make any further adjustments before we commit to printing your art work.

Do you color correct before printing?
We offer this service as part of our Proofing Session. To eliminate the headache and frustration felt when your expectations aren’t met due to unsatisfactory prints, we strongly recommend scheduling a Proofing Session. Contact Us to schedule yours today.

Do you offer scanning, photo retouching and digital restoration services?
Yes! Learn more here: High Resolution Film Scans

Are you able to print on wood, aluminum, canvas, etc
Yes! We work with a variety of partners to provide these alternate print solutions. However, since these are not done in-house they may require additional time to fulfill. Use the form above to contact us for an estimate.

What dimensions can you print?
For works on paper, the smallest sheet of paper we can accommodate is 8.5×11, on that we are able to print images as small as a postage stamp. Our maximum size is limited to a maximum paper width of 24 inches. We are working to expand our capacity to offer wider paper sizes. If you are in need of prints wider than we can accommodate, we welcome you to sign up for our Dispatch to stay informed about when these sizes become available. If your need is immediate, we are happy to provide consultation and may be able to offer some recommendations.

Are you able to print borderless?
Depends. In most cases we recommend leaving at least a 1/2 inch border around the image for matting and framing purposes. This means the largest 35mm frame we are currently able to print is approximately 22x33in.

What is your turnaround time?
Depends on the size of your order, current workload and availability of any supplies needed. In many cases we are able to have your prints ready within a few days to a week.

Can you prioritize my order?
Yes. Priority orders are subject to a $100 fee.

Are there any discounts for printing?
Yes, producing editions (duplicates) of the same image at the same size on the same paper reduces our run time resulting in cost savings to you. Use the form above or Drop us an email and we’ll discuss your project and what solutions we have that fit your budget.

Will you guarantee my prints will meet my expectations?
Unless you book a proofing session, we cannot offer any guarantees.
Due to differences in paper surfaces and textures, how the ink lays on or soaks into the paper, even the type of lighting used to view a print will impact the experience a person has with it. A proofing session aims to address these kinds of issues before they come up. It’s our best effort to prevent costly print mistakes.

What is your return policy for prints?
Due to the nature of artwork and its inherent values, this is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In most cases prints are sold as-is and no refunds will be made. Unless you’ve worked with us during a proofing session to perfect your print, we cannot offer any guarantees. In the very rare event a shipment of prints from us to you is damaged, we will ask you to provide images of the damage and may request you to return the order for us to inspect. If we deem the order is as intended no refund will be issued and we will charge you to return the prints back to you. If we deem the order was damaged due to carrier negligence, we will work with our shipping partners to remedy the situation. If the damage was caused by negligence on the receiver’s end to ensure the safety of the artwork once delivered we are unable to offer any solutions.

Please view our agreement regarding the shipping, handling, processing and possession of your Media. Additionally our Terms and Conditions may be found here. Terms and Conditions and Handling of Media Agreement is subject to change without notice.