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The Cats on Slate

BEHOLD! The cats have pounced on @slate today. Thank you @beholdphotos and David Rosenberg BEHOLD the photoblog of Slate

This morning on the NYTimes LENS Blog

This morning on the NYTimes LENS Blog:
Thank you to everyone who has been following this project. Extra thanks to @traceytomtene @billhess @patricialaydorsey @dominikdunsch and @evambk for the support! Big Hugs
Ps: if you’ve been tagged in this image, thank you for all of the support and advice you’ve given me. If I’ve forgotten to mention you, well dammit, I am Sorry

Seeds of Hope

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Seeds of Hope began in 2010 as a joint project of the Green Bay Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, United Way, and several other organizations.
Seeds of Hope has two iterations, in the first was started in 2010 when people who were homeless and live in poverty in the great Green Bay, Wisconsin area were given cameras to photograph their perspective on poverty. The show opened near the end of 2010 at the Neville Public Museum and has since become a traveling exhibition. I came on-board during the second iteration of the project in 2012. In this version the photographers were area youth ranging in age from about 8 years of age to 18. They were selected to share their perspectives – either because they come from impoverished families or are close to those who are. My role was to act as an adviser to the youth, to photograph their portraits and record some of their personal stories.