This short edit comes from chapter one of a four chapter photo documentary story depicting life during the pandemic across the United States. The body of work as a whole explores aspects of life and survival during the pandemic. The edit interplays with the visceral feeling of breathing while drawing inspiration from the fact that many victims of COVID-19 died from severe lung damage and the now infamous phrase “I can’t breathe” uttered by George Floyd while police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota slowly murdered him over a period of nearly 9 minutes while face down in a street. Each chapter takes its name from aRead More →

Voice of The People is a look at more than a decade of protests, marches and actions in the U.S. from 2009-current. I was raised by a predominantly Republican and Catholic family. Growing up, the children in my family were often not allowed to be present during political conversations or news broadcasts. We never discussed or were told about the historic protests, rallies, and marches that helped shaped our home country, the United States. In short, we were not permitted to be informed until we were of voting age at which point we stumbled out into the world largely uneducated about our government or theRead More →