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Specialists in Large Format Printing of Photography and Digital Art, Fine Art Documentation Photography, Film Scanning, and Digital Photo Restoration. Art Documentation Art Documentation | Exhibit Photography Film Scanning Services High Resolution Film and Glass Plate Scanning Large Format Printing Large Format Archival Fine Art Printing Collectable Fine Art Prints Shop Fine Art Print Collections About Jason Houge Jason Houge Biography and CV Jason Houge Studios Dispatch Get The Latest News, Offers and Deals! Locally Owned and Operated Near Willy Street, in Madison, WisconsinRead More →

Professional Fine Art Documentation Services and Exhibition Photography Professional Fine Art Documentation Services for Artists, Museums, Galleries and Collectors To ensure the truest representation of an artwork or artifact, you need a photographer who is meticulous and will work with you to identify and focus on the strengths within each piece. You need a professional with an eye for catching and correcting blemishes before committing the camera. I have worked for over a decade digitizing a variety of 2D and 3D objects, artifacts, large-scale sculptures and murals, framed paintings, loose fine art prints, small figurines and even toys. No project is too big or tooRead More →