Professional Fine Art Documentation Services and Exhibition Photography

Professional Fine Art Documentation Services for Artists, Museums, Galleries and Collectors

To ensure the truest representation of an artwork or artifact, you need a photographer who is meticulous and will work with you to identify and focus on the strengths within each piece. You need a professional with an eye for catching and correcting blemishes before committing the camera. I have worked for over a decade digitizing a variety of 2D and 3D objects, artifacts, large-scale sculptures and murals, framed paintings, loose fine art prints, small figurines and even toys. No project is too big or too small, whether it’s an individual piece or an entire museum collection, I approach each project with methodical precision and painstaking care. When I work with you, you can expect an enjoyable experience with an warm enthusiastic smile and to receive high-resolution, distortion-free and color corrected digital files for each of your pieces. Turn around time is dependent upon workload and complexity of the project. Let’s discuss your project and how you’d like to see it digitized.
Proof of insurance available upon request.

Benefits of Collection Digitizing

The benefits of and reasons for digitizing art, objects or artifacts depends on who you are.
An individual’s needs will vary greatly from the needs of a museum.

  • In general, digitizing allows you to organize, search, view and track the whereabouts of a piece using technology.
  • Digitizing affords you the ability to use and share high quality, professional images of a piece within the collection.
  • Periodic digitizing of collections enables curators to visually track the conditions of pieces over the course of time. Well documented and digitized pieces also establishes a solid historical record, vital for any archivist and conservator.
  • Having a digitized collection enables you to quickly organize and arrange shows from pieces within the permanent collection. Extra bonus, such shows can even be hosted virtually!

Digitizing for artists, why is it important?

Artists, I know you’d rather be making what you love more than anything else. As an artist myself, I truly enjoy using my skills to help fellow artists shine and present their work in the best light possible. Early in my career, when I was still in college, I started digitizing art to help fellow classmates apply to graduate schools (they all got in). As artists, we need well documented work for a wide array of reasons but none are more important than to show the work to others when they cannot be there to see the work for themselves. A well photographed piece will represent your hard work far better than a few quick frames made with a phone. Additionally, here are a some of the most important reasons to have your art professionally digitized:

  • Answering calls for work
  • Applying for artist in residence and grant proposals
  • Applying to graduate schools
  • Filing your Copyright
  • Insurance
  • Publishing in a book
  • Promotional materials for a show
  • Selling your work online
  • Websites and Online Portfolios

Specialty Digitization

  • Anaglyph 3D
  • Archaeological and Paleontological Artifacts
  • Design Portfolios
  • Furniture
  • Objects
  • Reflective and Transparent Surfaces and Materials

Budget Concerns? Art Digitization that is Reasonable and Affordable.

I understand budgetary constraints often prohibit or must be considered for many projects, this is especially true for community museums, non-profits and individual artist. Because I firmly believe digitizing art and historic artifacts is a vital part of the management, maintenance and preservation of these precious objects, I work to find common ground and a price that fits within your budget. In some special cases, I may even be able to help find a budget to fit the project.

Based in Madison, WI USA
World-wide travel is available on a case-by-case basis


2D and 3D Art Digitization Call
Performance Photography/Video Call
Note: due to a variety of factors involved in properly photographing public art and large-scale 3D pieces, pricing is done on a case by case basis. Please schedule a free consultation to discuss your budget and to schedule your session.

Let’s meet to discuss what options we have to meet your needs.

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Art Documentation

Let’s meet to discuss what options we have to meet your needs.

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