Return to the Main Review Gallery Island in a Mirage (2018- ) The desert is a special place of absolute silence and intense heat – like an incessant blow-dryer to the face. Everyone and everything thirsts. Without adequate water, delirium sets in and death soon follows. If the intense heat and lack of water doesn’t kill you, the earthquakes, scorpions and snakes might. To live here you need to be desperate, resilient, or crazy; or any blend of these. Sitting about 45 meters below current sea levels, in the Sonoran Desert, rests a largely unacknowledged community; as far as any government is concerned. Slab City,Read More →

Return to the Main Review Gallery Portraits of Mom (2019- ) When I was young my mom worked as a nurse and aspired to be a computer programmer. Sometime around my 4th birthday she started taking classes at the local university and my little brother and I would spend the day at the campus day care. Not more than a year into her degree she was laid-off from nursing and my parents divorced. She dropped out of college to pursue other opportunities so she could raise my brother and me. By the time I was in my mid-20’s she had remarried and was co-owner ofRead More →

Return to the Main Review Gallery Portraits (2010-current) This is a growing collection of portraits I make of friends, musicians, artists, and just about anyone I encounter long enough to connect with. Some of my subjects have enjoyed periods of fame in their life, others have not. When I make a portrait like this, I look at the person before me as another human being with their own challenges and successes in life. My hope for this work is to one day share it through a museum and to produce a book.Read More →

Return to the Main Review Gallery COVID-2020 pt2 This gallery is a recent edit of additional work done over the course of the year while documenting the pandemic. This edit works to enforce the urgency of the pandemic while focusing on the election, protests and riots of 2020. I am just starting to look at this work and have not worked out a solid edit for it yet. I intend to intertwine both parts 1 and 2 into a single book and to show the work sometime in the future, when it feels appropriate to do so.Read More →

Return to the Main Review Gallery COVID-2020 pt1 In early 2020, my attention was on Wuhan, China as news of a new virus began circulating. I live in Madison, Wisconsin which is the capital of the state and also has one of the premier medical universities in the country. It’s also home to numerous students and faculty who had just returned from China as the spring semester was about to begin. By the end of January, we had our first case in the city. In the months that followed and as states went into lockdowns, Madison stayed relatively safe until recently. The work I presentRead More →