Return to the Main Review Gallery Portraits (2010-current) This is a growing collection of portraits I make of friends, musicians, artists, and just about anyone I encounter long enough to connect with. Some of my subjects have enjoyed periods of fame in their life, others have not. When I make a portrait like this, I look at the person before me as another human being with their own challenges and successes in life. My hope for this work is to one day share it through a museum and to produce a book.Read More →

Portraits of Mom (2019- )

Return to the Main Review Gallery Portraits of Mom (2019- ) When I was young my mom worked as a nurse and aspired to be a computer programmer. Sometime around my 4th birthday she started taking classes at the local university and my little brother and I would spend the day at the campus day care. Not more than a year into her degree she was laid-off from nursing and my parents divorced. She dropped out of college to pursue other opportunities so she could raise my brother and me. By the time I was in my mid-20’s she had remarried and was co-owner ofRead More →

Island in a Mirage (2018- )

Return to the Main Review Gallery Island in a Mirage (2018- ) The desert is a special place of absolute silence and intense heat – like an incessant blow-dryer to the face. Everyone and everything thirsts. Without adequate water, delirium sets in and death soon follows. If the intense heat and lack of water doesn’t kill you, the earthquakes, scorpions and snakes might. To live here you need to be desperate, resilient, or crazy; or any blend of these. Sitting about 45 meters below current sea levels, in the Sonoran Desert, rests a largely unacknowledged community; as far as any government is concerned. Slab City,Read More →

My Feral Family (Re-Mastered)

Return to the Main Review Gallery Original: Click Here I use my camera to open a dialog between myself and my subjects in order to form relationships with and to learn more about the people I meet. My usual topics revolve around central themes of social discord, cultural exploration, and personal experiences. In this project, I approached my subjects in much the same way. However, unlike my usual subjects, this time I formed a relationship with a colony of feral cats in my own backyard. For years I noticed these cats had become a recurring subject in my other bodies of work. In early 2014Read More →

In The Air Tonight

Bomb; Madison, WI, 2020Return to the Main Review Gallery 2020 has been a hell of a year with the COVID19 pandemic compounded with political upheavals, social injustices, uprisings, wildfires and the makings for a global economic downturn. This short edit of a much longer view aims to communicate that initial fear of the unknown we all felt, the isolation and remind us of the powers within unity and division. This project has been on-going since January 2020, when news from China broke about the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly and causing SARS-like symptoms. My focus throughout the year has been on the pandemic but to also be open toRead More →